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A Selection of Comments from Listeners

Our FM Radio was set to your station and has not been moved since. Your choice of music, in the opinion of our family is excellent. Television has taken a back seat in the household even to our youngest son who is ten years old.

-Robert ---, Batavia, New York

Sign me - one who’s having a one-way love affair with WADV.

-Alouise --- (Kenmore, New York)

My constant companion, all day long, is beautiful Stereo music from station WADV.

- A listener from Buffalo, New York)

Keep up the Beautiful Music. Your station is a must in our house.

-Leonard --- (Cheektowaga, New York)

Just a note to say how much I enjoy your programming. It is comforting to know that every time I snap on my radio I’ll be greeted by good music.

-Barb --- (Lancaster, New York)

We’re glad to find there is such a fine Stereo station as WADV. Thank you very much for many happy hours of fine music.

-Mr. & Mrs. D --- (Buffalo, New York)

W.A.D.V. is the reason we bought a Stereo set. Beautiful - Beautiful

-Mrs. Ann --- (West Seneca, New York)

There is no station that surpasses “WADV”. Your choice of stereo music is Superb.

-Charles --- (Buffalo, New York)

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