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Embarassing times ahead for Rick Lesniak...

Rick Lesniak -

I perceive your character strength & feel you as a lovely human being because of your individual expression of programming unafraid of criticism. The talent of Lanza (?) is glorious, so short almost untrained unappreciated even by himself however he was so human. A frailty sometimes is almost a power. I lament his death.

The art of expression - composer prescribes, conductor tries to fulfil the prescription. There is a mood of music at the time of composition, the instruments which were deferent - in listening one almost feels more famliar as in Bach time then expressed today. The mood varies in ages & individuals so does the interpretation. At 17, Bizet composed music beyond himself. I doubt he himself knew what he was expressing. His fi....

(ed- I give up. Letter becomes illegible)

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